VIRTUAL Wormholes, Spacewarps, and Tunnels to Otherwheres with Astronomer Shane Larson

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Glencoe Public Library

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The advent of general relativity transformed our understanding of gravity and introduced us to the idea that the underlying fabric of the universe is a tapestry we call "spacetime." That fabric is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving and changing. It can be bent, twisted, warped, and perhaps ripped. In the hundred years that we have been aware of spacetime, our understanding of it have been informed by astronomical observations, detailed mathematical calculations, vast computer simulations, and wild speculation. Some ideas and predictions, though exotic, have been found to be wholly true; others we are skeptical of, but cannot disprove; of others we still have no idea what to think. Dr. Shane Larson, a research professor of physics at Northwestern University, will discuss the nature of spacetime and our measurements of it, and examine some of the most remarkable predictions we have made about it: wormholes, black holes, and time warps.

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About the presenter: Shane Larson is a research professor of physics at Northwestern University, where he is the Associate Director of CIERA (Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics). He works in the field of gravitational wave astrophysics, specializing in studies of compact stars, binaries, and the galaxy with both the ground-based LIGO project, and future space-based observatory LISA. He grew up in Eastern Oregon and was formerly a tenured associate professor of physics at Utah State University. He is an award-winning teacher, and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He contributes regularly to a public science blog at, and tweets with the handle @sciencejedi.

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Event Type(s): Lecture
Age Group(s): Adult